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    Where do you find that you miss the back gesture most? The gesture was officially introduced in iOS 7 and is present in Apple apps (although not always consistently as Rene has pointed out) and some developers have implemented it in their apps as well. It makes going back a step more manageable with one hand. Though it is not always for "going back" but also for sliding over another pane, too. This is especially handy on larger screened devices like iPads where users can't get all the way to the top of the screen for back or hamburger buttons.

    I miss it a lot in apps that haven't done an iOS 7 redesign yet or that flat out skipped the gesture. Tapatalk doesn't support it yet and that kind of irks me on my new iPad (yay!) and the Gmail app doesn't support it either. Once is got used to it I really started to notice when it isn't available to me.

    Some apps that have done a good job of it are Day One and the iPad version of Pocketcasts. I like Pocketcasts in particular because, while it doesn't actually take me back anywhere, it does slide neatly over in to the only other screen I'd use and gives me full use of its menu system. Missing Back Gesture-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1384968677.582832.jpg

    I'm a webOS guy at heart so a back gesture has always been one of my favorite ways of getting around on a device. Add in to that the best Android phones right now are so large that a back gesture is almost mandatory and it is becoming a pretty standard way to move around a gadget. I don't enjoy an app or system as much if it isn't available.

    Anyone else?
    11-20-2013 11:33 AM
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    Yes, I too miss the gesture, I am hoping that Tapatalk adds it as well as the new keyboard, I don't like the legacy keyboard.
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    11-20-2013 11:53 AM

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