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    There are many other features besides these. Apple hasn't made their announcement yet. Besides you don't know what other phone that person is upgrading from. To someone who is still using and upgrading from the iPhone 3G, those new features alone might sound very attractive to that person.
    Ok my mistake dual flash, finger censor, and a new A chip set plus os7 which the 5 is going to get I still don't see why there's a line ill wait a week or so afterwards my 5 and 4 are working just fine
    09-08-2013 07:05 AM
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    I will admit this, when the 3G came out, me and my wife got up at 2am, and went and got in line (we were like #8 in line), and towards dawn, they brought us free Chik-fil-a breakfast, free tea or coffee, and it started raining heavily right before the store opened up, so they started ushering people in and zig zagging them into the mall. When we walked out, I remember seeing a line that went towards the entry door and thinking "Wow, that is a lot of people!" and then walking outside and realizing that it wrapped around the entire mall building and down P'tree street...in a storm, in the middle of summer...and they didn't have anywhere near enough stock to cover all of the people, lol.

    It wasn't a terrible experience, but I'd never willingly do it again.
    Copy that. I did the stand-in-line-it's-a-party thing once. It was a fantastic experience. But at this point, I can say "been there, done that"... and like Sean, I’m home waiting for the UPS man (or FedEx man) to deliver my phone, thank you very much.
    3 things I won't ever do...Stand in line period for a phone, Wait in line for 30 mins for food and pay full retail like some seem to do just to get through the upgrade they don't have to get the newest and best iPhone when they bought their 5 maybe 3-6 months ago. I can wait, I have my upgrade ready and when I am satisfied listening to the public, using my resources I hear about here, Let the phone go through maybe 2 software upgrades for bug fixes, Then I will buy my 16GB for if it stays on point at $199.00 and sell my perfect 4S that has yet to have any trouble in 22 months.
    09-09-2013 06:56 PM
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