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    Newsstand, the most hated stock Apple app ever. Almost everyone wants to be able to delete it, or at the very least hide it. Apple took the option to put it in a folder away and will be giving it back in iOS 7. In the meantime, people have resorted to glitches in iOS that allowed it to be hidden in a folder and others have jailbroken their iDevices and installed the Cydia tweak that hides Newsstand from the device. I was one of those people myself. I had no reason to have Newsstand, I have some magazine subscriptions that I dont even want, but thats the price I pay for being tired and not paying attention to what I was being told on the phone. A costly mistake.

    Now though, I follow my mobile tech news through the sites of Mobile Nations and tune in to the podcasts, or at least catch them later. Through this I was introduced to a website called The Loop Insight. A fun newsfeed of sorts, a collection of news stories with brief comments by the person who linked it. But some people wanted more than comments, they wanted full write ups to read. And after some time, The Loop Magazine was born. Again, a collection of stories that are interesting, many involved about mobile tech and just as many that are just great stories and great insight.

    The Loop Magazine is available in Newsstand as a subscription. I wasnt able to get it at first, but shortly after issue two was released I was able to. I subscribed to the magazine and I feel its well worth the money. Its shorter than a regular magazine and without any of the ads. All there are, are great stories. And its a cheap subscription as well, just a measly two dollars a month. No other payment options of insane proportions, just two dollars a month and it can be cancelled at any time. What other magazine lets you do that?

    So my question now is not why doesnt Apple let you delete Newsstand, its now are there any other good magazines available? Or even why no one has bothered to see if there are any magazines that are interesting to them. If other magazines are as easy to read as The Loop Magazine, its not a problem to read them on your iPhone and Im sure its even better on iPad. So why is Newsstand so hated? I think its not really Newsstand thats hated, I think reading has become a hated part of life.

    Todays society is all about video and auditory information. People dont want to read books, they want to watch TV shows or movies about those books, or listen to them instead. People dont want to read anymore. This is a problem, so much information can be gained by reading. I read all the time, books, blogs, reviews, whatever, you name it. I read books because the world created in my mind is far more real than the TV shows or movies and is more complete than just listening to it. I know my mother and sister are the same as me when reading, we more or less watch the books happening than we read them.

    Reading shouldnt be a chore, it shouldnt be a punishment, it should be fun and enjoyable. I think the world of technology has come to a point where information is so readily visible that people are losing the ability to create that world. So whats great about Newsstand is that it cant be deleted. Its forces people to look at it. Maybe people shouldnt be asking why it cant be deleted and asking why they arent reading. Theres a world of unimaginable and limitless greatness hiding behind those words. If you dont like reading you should be trying to figure out what is interesting enough for you to read.

    Amazon and Apple have made it quite easy to find things to read. You have Kindle and iBooks now. Electronic books that automatically save your place. Believe it or not, there are also still bookstores and they sell physical books still. I just dont understand what is so horrible about adventure and knowledge that people are afraid of it. They are afraid to seek it out, they are afraid to have an adventure in their minds that they cant possibly have in real life. They are afraid to seek out knowledge, they are afraid of learning. One thing I realized a while ago is that conversation is all about learning. If you have nothing to learn from someone, you dont talk to them. There is no conversation that isnt about information and you learning it. Even if its only learning about how someones day went. Its all about learning. When did people become afraid to take it a step further?

    So the question now is, after youve spent your time reading this, will you seek out information you deem interesting and learn or will you continue to wait until someone else has done the work for you? Learning is fun, if youre not learning then youre dead or may as well be. A mind not learning is a dead mind and everyones opinions and views are different so dont take theirs as wisdom and the ultimate truth; go and make your own opinions. Learn, its not as bad as it sounds.
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    Nicely done. I read still but mostly in iBook. Although I still read regular physical books every now and then. Both ways are enjoyable and I approach both ways in the same way you do.

    Nice read though, thanks!

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    Someone once told me that education (learning) doesn't stop when you finish school. The world has much more to teach you through experience. So become a student of life and become a lifetime learner.

    I read all the time on my iPad and have a few mag subscriptions. I read 2-4 books a month as time allows. I enjoy reading fiction as it keeps my mind young by using my imagination.

    Great post.
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    Thanks guys, I also re-read my post and corrected some errors. I really should proofread before posting.

    Blazin' tappity tap tap 2 you!
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    Zinio and Press Reader do it better! Plus I can use them on multiple platforms, where as Newsstand is only available on Apple products. I agree it might be useful to some, BUT I also agree Apple should offer an option to delete it entirely IF you prefer Zinio and Press Reader.
    10-18-2013 09:51 AM

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