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    Apple neglects to secure streaming album previews

    This is very interesting to me and hope you all read it. What do you think. This is a blurb but read the entire article:
    [INFO]Periodically, albums become available for live streaming on iTunes prior to their official release date. The hope is that not only do consumers get a chance to hear the album before buying it, but also that by offering a free and legal way to listen to the album before it’s available, there will be less motivation for eager fans to pirate leaked albums. With unreleased albums from 9to5Mac has discovered that the streams are being left completely unprotected, offering an easy way for pirates to get high-quality cuts of the albums before they’re officially released.[/INFO]

    Full Article Via iMore:
    Apple neglects to secure streaming album previews | iMore.com
    05-17-2013 02:30 PM
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    Interesting, but the stream you got would be all one big file. You'd have to edit the audio file to get the individual tracks, I think and then add the metadata. Easier just to buy it, IMO.
    05-17-2013 09:32 PM

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