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    Motostorm RC (for PS VITA)

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    First off, I must say that Evolution Studios did a truly commendable choice of going with a niche idea for a racing game rather than go down the realism or over-the-top-SciFi route. If you have ever seen any gathering of enthusiasts maneuvering these minute remote control cars around in a track before and competing with vigor, you would immediately recognize the appeal as soon as you start to negotiate the turns in this game. There is no mistake in assuming you would get into that remote controlled racing mentality fairly quickly.

    The two control schemes you can choose to play with ensures that you will set off on a racing tear in no time. One allows you to control relative to the track orientation, and the other option, relative to which direction your car is pointing towards, but the idea is that with such a good game engine in place you would never lose a beat with these smooth running controls. Evolution clearly knew the priorities of a racing game, and it shows on every vehicle and on every single turn.

    With a RC theme going, the surprising realism that every track practically demands from the player is ever more amazing. Get a nudge from an opponent’s car, feel the physics work against you on the following turn. Using a muscle car on an Ice surface? Prepare for a slicker turning challenge. It even brings up tutorials on drifting later on, just because you will very likely need to employ the same in a later challenge on festival mode, Motostorm’s version of the career mode. Every single effort to make the controls as intuitive as possible goes towards the goal of isolating the difficulty to just you, the gamer, and what an addictive series of races ensue.

    There is no sense to when the dynamic decisions put into this labor of love ends and where it starts. There is, however, an elaborate sandbox to relive your most obscure RC fantasies. Opting to use drifting strategies and so, different driving lines in the earlier races to gain the top reward of three medals are often on-the-fly and unconscious decisions that pay dividends in the fun department. There are DLC cars to suit your every lust, drag cars and huge smorgasbord of types. Furthermore, you can even choose to complete the game with all of the medals attained with the stock cars provided on there, and it is indeed a possible achievement in the game, although it will tax your driving prowess just enough to think about flinging your Vita across the room.

    Different racing and driving challenges are here, ala Wipeout, but you want the driving to never end, and you never want to stand down from that impossible track lap time. And even if you have completed every single track and challenge, a free for all mode prolongs the frenzy even longer. If you have never had any liking for RC cars, however, at least give it a few races on the basis that the driving mechanics along with some impressive visuals are up there with the best on a portable system. Motostorm RC is a game the Vita desperately needs more of to fill its struggling library.

    01-07-2014 12:31 AM
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    Max Payne 3 (for PC, PS3 and Xbox360)

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    Rockstar knows sequels, and more importantly how to progress characters in their sequels. For Max Payne, there was only one way to take him, creating a grittier, older and more wrinkled version of Max, with all the usual, noir-ish characteristics intact. More violent, more scarred, that makes for a greater shooter experience these days, and one can’t help but think that Rockstar could be heading down a boring and familiar path yet again.

    When you actually start playing through, you can see the work being put in, that they perhaps have earned their chops here, story and gameplay. There were earnest in the scenes and the style values that have gone into the game. They also used the flashback narratives as the way to progress the story in the present. It is certainly grander in scale, like Rockstar combined and amped up Max Payne 1 and 2 into one big, bad monster.

    Max Payne 1 had the noir and Max Payne 2 had the darkness. Max Payne 3 makes those two look dirtier, more visceral. A Max Payne that has nothing to lose, and yet could lose the very same people he, with a loyal sense of heroism underneath, had to protect (and fail, of course, which is Rockstar’s signature slant). There was not a moment where you feel the story dragged on, and if a scene felt like filler the action in the gameplay that compensates most definitely did not feel mediocre. It is a close examination of modern shooter storytelling, told the Rockstar way, and in that alone the game already succeeds tremendously.

    If anything, you can sense how they distilled the whole Max Payne bullet-time mechanics down to a science. You have the weapons and the upgrades, and now you also have the overused cover and fire movements, which you know is just required for you to survive. Compounded with the way they created the disintegrable environment, you will need to appreciate a situation far more. Do you take cover behind a wooden board when you are facing a heavy weapons soldier as opposed to someone with a sub machine gun? The economy in every move you make and every cover you take is critical to success.

    Which makes the good old Bullet-time all the more satisfying…as sometimes style in the bullet-ballet needs to be sacrificed for the sake of safety, or would you see the situation beatable by and only by running into the fray and diving in between visible bullet shells. You decide and you reap the rewards (or failures), and that gives the player power in being Max Payne (or your own character in multiplayer, which has balls-out firefights in spades).

    After all, you want to be him, the greatest reason why you play these Max Payne games, and for Rockstar to have a sense of taste to realize that is worthy of potent admiration. The good old noir hero is back, and I must say, pretty impressively in the ways that matter for fans and newcomers alike.

    01-07-2014 12:33 AM
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    Thank you for the game reviews
    01-07-2014 12:46 AM
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    Thank you for the game reviews
    You're welcome. I plan to keep these going...if that's alright
    01-07-2014 12:50 AM
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    Guacamelee (for PS Vita)

    With an influx of indie platformers coming to almost every platform imaginable, we can see a resurgence of platforming as a popular genre within gaming circles. Limbo was responsible for introducing radical ideas into the platforming mix, and that was what kept the genre fresh amongst the countless rehashes of staples like Rayman and Super Mario. So then, welcome Guacamelee into the elite indie platformer mix.

    It is hard to argue with the charm that Guacamelee delivers in spades, almost from the introduction onwards. It splashes the screen with stylistic 2D cel-shaded graphics that not only suits the luche-libre and mexican-myth hybrid theme, but also serves to show that a game can impress graphically without elaborate and often overdone 3D environments. The endearing quality has a dual function of keeping that indie feel and also keeping the action snappy, and thus bringing to the forefront all of the platforming goodness it brings to the table.

    First thing you probably would notice while spelunking through the levels is that every jump, special attack, or pretty much any action you take in the game is as precise as should be. There is a need to define the rules and the boundaries in which your character can function, and in the later stages exploit to your advantage, in order to advance. Guacamelee nails it perfectly, while throwing you through impressive stage after impressive stage, never letting up in intensity and platforming difficulty, a trademark of all good platformers.

    There is a deep variety in the enemies to face in Guacamelee, and none of them are, like anything in the game, impossible to defeat. They are not easy to deal with and more often than not, you will find yourself flail at the controls while you die to a smorgasbord of creatures coming at you simultaneously, or even as the boss of a stage does a damaging attack, but once you get a hang of what special moves you must do in order to dispatch them at any given time you start rising to the challenge and as a result enjoy the game more as you go deeper.

    The story keeps it interesting with you featuring as a luchador, and how often can we tout that? It has commendable polish in storytelling as well. Simplistic as it may be, you actually get a little taste for what Mexican wrestling is all about without being forced into ostentatious explanations. The aspects pertaining to Mexican myth and magic relate to the game mechanics just as much as the wrestling, all of which are critical for negotiating the stages, especially in the later parts.

    Think of this as Super Metroids spiritual successor with a Mexican twist. You are going to have a hell of a time trying to beat some of the more difficult moments, but your love and faith for the platforming platform, indie or otherwise, will increase to top-rope heights. There is no better platformer for the PS Vita.

    01-07-2014 07:13 PM
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    Motorstorm was always one of my favorite titles on Playstation...pretty cool to read about the Vita version. Kind of reminds me (visually) of RC Pro Am (for the old schoolers here).

    Beat Max Payne 3...it was forgettable in my opinion, just kind of a cookie cutter type game.
    jburke82 likes this.
    01-08-2014 11:58 AM
  7. Speedygi's Avatar
    Motorstorm was always one of my favorite titles on Playstation...pretty cool to read about the Vita version. Kind of reminds me (visually) of RC Pro Am (for the old schoolers here).

    Beat Max Payne 3...it was forgettable in my opinion, just kind of a cookie cutter type game.
    What? Some parts of Max Payne 3 were just flat out amazing...
    01-08-2014 05:54 PM
  8. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    What? Some parts of Max Payne 3 were just flat out amazing...
    Parts of Max Payne 3 were cool...overall though, I don't feel like it was anything memorable. Just my opinion though...I hated the constant cut screens and the really over stylized filters they put on it, and at least to me, using bullet time so much grew old. The kill cam was a cool addition though. I think a fair thing to point out too though was that I loved Max Payne 2 back in the day, so this game I had built up so highly, and when I got into it, I wasn't blown away...perhaps I've been spoiled with all the great 3rd person games that have come out since the 2nd one.
    01-08-2014 07:27 PM
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    Motorstorm was always one of my favorite titles on Playstation...pretty cool to read about the Vita version. Kind of reminds me (visually) of RC Pro Am (for the old schoolers here).

    Beat Max Payne 3...it was forgettable in my opinion, just kind of a cookie cutter type game.
    RC Pro Am!! Now THAT is a game I haven't heard of in years!! I loved that game, but HATED those darn oil slicks!
    01-13-2014 11:34 AM
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    RC Pro Am!! Now THAT is a game I haven't heard of in years!! I loved that game, but HATED those darn oil slicks!
    That's where the fun begins.. Sleek roads equal to awesome drifting.

    Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
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    01-13-2014 10:28 PM

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