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    We used to do this over at CrackBerry, and it was a LOT of fun! Everyone is familiar with a scavanger hunt, where you must hunt for different items on a list. Well in cyberspace we can't quite do that. Well maybe, BUT here's an interesting twist. I'm going to post the first picture a item with a blue cover. THEN I'm going to call for the next item. Something with a red cover. And of course you CAN get more specific IF you want, but I wanted to start us off easy. NOW we need some sort of proof you found the item, either your mug in the photo (SELFIE!!!!!) or a paper with your screenname on it, or some other obvious clue that YOU took the picture and found the item.

    The Great iMore Scavenger Hunt!-img_0080.jpg

    Ok so now someone go find an item with a RED cover! And then name the next item to be found.
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