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    I have an Airport Express Base Station and I wanted to connect a pair of speakers to it. Obviously, I want to use my Phone or Pad to connect to the AE and listen to music through the speakers.

    I know there is Sonos and other expensive brands. What kind of speaker works well with AE without spending a lot of money? Can I use a cheap pair like Harman / Kardon multimedia desktop speakers? I know the speakers must have there own power.
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    From the site:

    AirPlay takes the music from the iTunes library on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and sends it wirelessly to any stereo or speakers in your home. Simply connect your speakers to AirPort Express using an audio cable (sold separately). Then, using iTunes on your computer or the Music app on your iOS device, choose which speakers you want your music to play on.

    I'd say you can connect any speakers to the AE using an audio cable. I personally use the Logitech Z313 Speaker System (several sets at work and home) and the sound is amazing.

    Hope this helps.
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