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    Hello everybody!

    I am an Indie developer working on my first game. No I am not copying existing games, not cloning games either, not using "templates", not using pre-existing scripts

    I am doing it from scratch, using Swift langage ans SpriteKit library.

    The game I am working on is called "Tank Tank Rush" and it is a mix between artillery game and side scrolling game.

    This is my first game, I spent 2 years working on it (I am not a developper and I had to learn how to code! + this is a "side project").
    The story behind this game is quiet simple, I love artillery games but most of them (if not all) are turn-based games. I wanted to play this kind of game in "real time". I never found what I was looking for on the AppStore and decided to code it myself.

    This game is designed for me by... myself. I know that it might not be the best approach for a game design but... I think this game might have an interest for other players...

    I put the game on TestFlight and recruited some beta testers. I received some good feedbacks but majority of betatesters don't give any (maybe this is normal, I don't have any other experience on this... maybe they don't enjoy the game... I don't know)

    As this is my first game I'd love to get iMore's community feedback on the concept and (maybe?) on the game itself:
    • Did I miss something obvious players expect in this type of game?
    • Game controllers: are they well positioned?
    • Other?

    As the "go-live" approaches I am shared between joy and fear...!

    I know that some of you might give me some good advices on how to successfully launch a game. What could be best practices, things to avoid... If you can share your experience, it would be great!

    Best Regards
    02-21-2017 08:15 AM

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