1. M.Rizk's Avatar
    Hello all,

    I am a new developer, first developed an app for another platform, then wanted to develop the same app for Apple iOS products.

    I've just accessed Apple Developers portal, found that I need to pay 99$ yearly to submit apps to AppStore. But later I read that submitting Free apps is completely free. So does that mean I can submit free apps without paying that 99$ fee?

    If the 99$ fee is a must, I will be working with a Media and Music production company, let's say I've got the Apple iOS development program for 99$ does this allow them to submit tracks to iTunes for free (tracks are paid) or does iTunes require another type of program to pay for too.

    Actually 99$ is a lot specially when you are still planning to create an app, free and not sure of it's success.

    Thanks for reading.
    If there are any alternative ways to submit apps for free apart from Cydia and Piracy programs/apps please tell.
    03-05-2012 07:57 AM
  2. Timhewitt's Avatar
    You must be a paid, registered developer to submit apps to the App Store. No way around that.
    03-05-2012 07:32 PM