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    I have created a simple ios app using the Phonegap framework and have successfully uploaded it and had it approved for download in the appstore. However, whenever a user downloads the app over a 3g connection, the app will get stuck at the initial loading screen and will never load the content. However, when the user downloads the app over a wifi connection, the app loads the content correctly and works fine. If the app is downloaded over wifi, switching to 3g then running the app results in the content loading and the app working correctly. However, if the app is downloaded over 3g, it still get stuck even if the data connection is switched to wifi. Any ideas?
    Additional info:
    using phonegap 1.4.1
    using jquery mobile 1.0
    code utilizes JSON
    xcode 4.2 with ios 5 sdk
    app size is far smaller than 20MB limit for 3G download
    02-22-2012 04:04 PM