1. PTLehmann's Avatar
    I have a proof of concept that I need to deliver, and need a developer to help fulfill it, THIS WEEK!

    In short, I just need to just demonstrate basic functionality, sending a simple print job from an iPAD (iOS 5.x) to a portable receipt printer. I have a specific printer in mind, but cannot disclose it now. The language it uses are similar to those commonly available on the market (Zebra RW420, Intermec PB41), and there is quite a bit of available language information (SDKs, etc.) for the target printer.

    The output can be very simple but we just need to demonstrate simple text, or anything thats on the tablet being printed to the portable printer. It must print through 802.11, in Ad-Hoc mode. The printer can be configured as required. (No BT and associated any issues that result from Apple's attempt to make this a proprietary path for data transfer. Just IP addressable WiFi.)

    I need to get going on this today, so please contact me today if you are interested and available.
    02-21-2012 01:27 PM