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    Hi guys,

    our new app is finally available on the App Store.

    Search "Location Contact" on App Store now!

    " The fastest way to create a location based contact! "

    Location Contact is an App to complete time-consuming creation of contacts on your iphone in a few steps. With this App you are able to create a contact with your actual position/ address ( GPS / Location Services ) or you can replace the adress from an existing contact.

    1. Get Current Location
    2. Edit Name
    3. Add Contact or Add to existing Contact

    The origin Idea of this app developed by the use of Apple(c) Reminders App and location dependent reminders.The posibility to replace the adress of an existing contact or create a new contact by using the Iphone is very difficult and time-consuming.

    They also need a lot of data traffic like the maps app for example. You can create localized contacts just in a few steps with this clever app and save a lot of time.

    Key Features

    ✔ rapid creation of contacts
    ✔ rapid assigment append the address to an existing contact
    ✔ small data-traffic
    ✔ determine current address/position with Location Services / GPS
    ✔ subsequent editing of the address
    Please let me know what do you think about it!

    thanks and have a nice day!

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