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    We are releasing a new iPhone app this weekend called HotSeat, a multiplayer trivia game where you earn points not only for what you know, but also for accurately you judge what your friends know.

    We want to run a contest to giveaway free copies of our app. Here's our idea, but we'd love to get some input on it or other ideas for running a giveaway.

    1. Person posts about our app to their Twitter timeline or Facebook page (ex: Check out this new app game, HotSeat; there's a free giveaway for HotSeat game, etc.).
    2. That person or friends takes a snapshot of the post and emails it to us along with their email address for iTunes.
    3. We gift them a free copy of the app, up to 5 people per unique post; limit 100 free copies total.
    12-05-2011 10:56 PM

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