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    My name is Yaniv Presler CEO of PlayerDuel.
    We created a new platform for games - PlayerDuel.

    Today there are lots of game platforms. They call themself social platforms and they give a good solution.
    But, they don't help game developers with what they need and most of the players don't believe in the leaderboard solutions (your score is number 2,333,334).

    We developed a platform just for competitions. PlayerDuel allows players to compete. And the most important thing, when it comes to competing, is who emerges victorious.
    Winning is everything.
    PlayerDuel can turn any game (even a single player game, like angry birds) to a game that players can compete against other players.

    PlayerDuel helps the game developer with:
    1) Monetize their games in a different way - today they monetize using this options:
    o Sell the app very hard (need to spend lots of money on advertisements)
    o Give for free while doing money from advertising inside the game (don't really works and the player hate it)
    o Give for free while selling virtual goods inside the game (great if you have millions of players)

    Now let me tell you how PlayerDuel makes monetizing the game easy.
    Simply put, our players compete with virtual coins.
    PlayerDuel gives players 5000 free virtual coins when they sign up.
    So if for example you're really bad at pop balloons and run out of coins, you can actually buy more. We share 50% of our revenue with the game developers.
    By teaming up with PlayerDuel, game developers will make more money.

    2) Help extend the lifetime of the game did you know that 95% of the players stop playing the game after a month (yes even big games like angry birds). With PlayerDuel the player continue playing more by competing with his friends.

    3) PlayerDuel make the game more viral If a player send a challenge to his friends and they dont have the game, they will download the game Couse their friend send them the challenge and they trust him. And dont forget that in order to get more coins they need to share their result of Facebook and twitter this make the game spread very quickly.

    We are looking for game developers that have new and even old games that players dont use anymore. We believe that we can help even to dead games!

    The first 50 game developers that will sign to use our platform will get 100% of the revenue.
    If you have time for a quick Skype call it will be great.

    Send me your details in private and I will contact you directly.

    Thanks again for your time,

    Yaniv Presler
    12-05-2011 03:39 AM
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    we created the platform for you the game developers.
    it will be great if you will give us some feedbacks about it.

    Thanks again for your time.

    12-06-2011 05:45 AM