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    Seasoned iOS developer PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    i will keep everything as simple as possible:

    I'm a new Apple Developer, I have all the SDK, Xcode etc...
    i'm developing an App for the iPhone/iPod.

    This is similar to a social app (but not exactly), where users will create their own accounts/profiles, log in , and upload their own contents etc... such as eg. their photos.

    Now, what i NEED to know is;
    -How do i get a server to handle all the datas from my app? (Such as STORING user's profile details, app account passwords, their uploaded contents, etc..)
    -What services must i procure?
    -What knowledge (or programming language) on my part do i need to make such an app?
    -How much will these servers cost?

    I don't know what else i missed out, but Please help me!
    Any help will be appreicated, even a link!

    Thanks a billion!!!
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