1. ckalli's Avatar
    Standford Offers Its Popular iPhone And iPad App Development Course For Free On iTunes U.

    have any of u had a look at this course. is this a good place to start? or do i need to learn something before this.

    i have some basic C++ experience, but no formal programing ..

    how do i go about making an app. (other than signing up for the developer pgm)

    11-15-2011 11:36 PM
  2. artysx's Avatar
    Stanford is good, but also can read some obj-c book before, to understand without spaces.
    Also download Xcode and play sample/tutorial projects in
    11-16-2011 07:40 PM
  3. mOOncOw interactive's Avatar
    The best thing is to think of a simple app and go for it. There's loads of sample code out there you can pick and start from, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

    For books, most O'Reilley books are nice to start with, like "Learning iPhone Programming: From Xcode to App Store"

    I looked at the courses myself a while ago - they are quite ok, but I prefer learning by reading books and programming :-)
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    11-18-2011 10:57 AM
  4. GreenflyStudios's Avatar
    ckalli - The first step would be getting used to the Objective-C language and then moving on from there to doing simple apps. I would heartily recommend any book by Aaron Hillegass - very clear, very concise.
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    11-21-2011 08:30 AM
  5. DoodleDudeDan's Avatar
    Read my reply from a few minutes ago to "mecie" who asked essentially the same question.

    BTW. The Stanford Course now being offered for Free is an amazing deal. But it does assume that you have a solid programming background. Wish it had been there a year ago... Don't pass it up!

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    11-22-2011 05:23 AM
  6. ckalli's Avatar
    hi thanks for the replies..

    i downloaded the stanford course since its free now.
    also downloaded a basic app in obj-c as everyone suggested.

    will check out that book by Aaron Hillegass.

    where does one run a obj-c program? in xcode? (not an app per say..but to follow the instructions in the book), i have a mac running 10.6.8. xcode is for 10.7
    11-24-2011 11:41 AM
  7. JanuszNSG's Avatar
    As a C/C++ programmer,i strongly advice to go trough any "difference" guide, even if you, as you say, only with basic underspending. Some Objective-C conventions can be a little confusing at first glance

    [InitSomethingWith: a and: b]; - for example, when I saw this first time: wtf! Is that two methods, or something?

    And of couse, a loot of example study... especially with good description.
    12-14-2011 05:30 AM
  8. GeFo.GT's Avatar
    You can start with just apple's doc, that's in very details!
    12-16-2011 09:05 AM
  9. Phonitive's Avatar
    I totally agree for the O'Reilly book!
    Read the book, download XCode and the sample code and practice ! Good luck!
    02-10-2012 06:23 AM
  10. msAdele's Avatar
    This seems interesting. I'll look into it.
    02-21-2012 12:07 AM