1. popestabilo's Avatar
    Want to see how your app downloads grow?

    Make it accessible to million Spanish people! Just translate it!

    I'm a freelance translator and I can do that for you! Just send me how many words your app have - remember to include the description for the app store! - and get your personalized quote.

    Feel free to email me (obed@familiapomar.es)!

    What are you waiting for? Get a FREE Catalan translation with your 1st order!
    10-27-2011 12:05 PM
  2. Joe Pitto's Avatar
    Sounds interesting. Ill try that on my next App
    10-30-2011 03:55 AM
  3. njin's Avatar
    are you sure translating in spanish will grow our market ?

    have you any link to see percent of language used/most liked on iOS ?
    11-04-2011 05:42 AM
  4. popestabilo's Avatar
    Of course! More languages availables, more grow possibilities.

    You can take a look at Xyologic dot com for some stats.
    11-04-2011 12:04 PM