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    I'm representing Fossil Software, the creators of the app "AppZilla 2 - 100 in 1!" for the iPhone and iPod Touch. 2011 has been an incredible year on the App Store for us with regards to AppZilla 2 and we are excited to announce the rollout of a unique advertising platform utilizing the 2 million plus AppZilla fan base.

    We call it the "AppZilla Showcase" - a place in AppZilla where we feature 3rd party apps from the App Store in order to help our users discover and download new apps. The unique approach of our showcase involves presenting your app's icon on the AppZilla home screen in a way that provokes users to explore your app. After they tap your app icon, they're presented with a wealth of information about your app including your App Store description, App Store screenshots, YouTube video and more. Most importantly, from your app's showcase, a single tap sends them straight to the App Store to download your app!

    You can download the free version of AppZilla 2 to see the showcase live and in action. Note that the showcase appears in all versions of AppZilla 2 including free and paid versions of the app. Update: We just released an update to our original Appzilla app, which now includes the AppZilla Showcase within it as well! What does this mean? More Impressions! We've seen a considerable spike in developers' stats who are participating in the showcase.

    On our website there is a "Showcase" page with our information sheet that goes in to more detail about the showcase including how simple it is to get your app into the showcase, the showcase stats that we track for your app, and more.

    We've opened up the calendar for orders, so if you're interested in participating in the showcase let me know and we'll get you scheduled as soon as possible.


    Fossil Software, LLC
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