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    I'm currently working on designing an app for wardrobe advice/clothes shopping aide. However, it's an app that we want to aim for both a male and female audience. Now, for me (being female) designing a fashion related app geared towards women is a bit easier, but I don't want to exclude men.

    What are some ways I can make sure I'm not excluding that audience? All I can think of is to make sure that our app is not pink or purple in color.

    09-13-2011 01:10 PM
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    Summer is a great time of year. The weather is warm, the days are longer and many of us get to spend a week or two relaxing on holiday. There are often weddings, parties, balls and barbeques to attend in the summer giving us a great opportunity to get dressed up. Summer is also a great time to have a little fun with fashion and try out something new.
    06-27-2012 04:38 AM
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    Trends and advice has been an occurring theme in fashion and style for a long time. For 2012, the top apps for fashion and style bring a lot of appearance and a collective expression of individual style. Style.
    06-29-2012 12:47 AM
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