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    Reaching out to the developer community to get an explanation on a small issue I'm having.

    I'm currently evaluating iPads for business use within my company. I've purchased an Kensington Bluetooth Keyfolio. The main business application I have uses terminal emulation and function keys are required for navigation. None of the terminal emulator pass the "normal" function keys to the iPad (or iPhone for that matter). The "Apple" function keys work just fine (Brightness, Volume, Playback).

    My question is: Can anyone point me to documentation, or explain to me why, Apple has crippled normal function key use when using an external keyboard? I've asked one of the developers and he has stated they just don't have access to it.

    I'm not a developer, however, I do have extensive knowledge of iOS and OS X, and some programming skills.

    Thanks in advance.
    08-26-2011 02:55 PM