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    First of all this is my first post on these forums and I am very new to iOS development and objective-c.

    I have an idea for an app and have laid out the UI on Xcode and have created the navigation between the screens but have no idea where to start on coding / implementing the SQLite Database. What I am looking for is hopefully someone who is willing to implement the database to a TableView and when a row is selected the correct data is displayed in a details screen, while I create the UI and all of the necessary resources such as database, images, icons etc. so all that will be required is implementing the database.

    About the app:
    Myself and a few others were looking for a Pokemon app but found them all to be very vague. What I have in mind is an extensive app that contains maps, details, stats, locations on all pokemon, item, attacks, abilities.

    If anyone is interested in developing this app with me any profit made will be divided 50/50
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