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    User Interface Mac App for iOS App Developers

    Great Helper of iPhone or iPad Apps Developer

    Are you iPhone or iPad app developer? If yes, you must have problems while making user interface.

    User interface (UI) is one of the most essential elements of a popular app. No matter how powerful the app is, without attractive user graphical interface, no one is eager to use it and reuse it. Therefore, even though you are not a designer, you must not ignore the importance of graphical user interface.

    However, problems always come when you are making it. As you cannot see directly where images are in the app while coding, you need to spend much time to test the graphical interface, turning between command-line interface and testing interface again and again. It wastes your time and your life!

    Get and Modify Image Properties Easily

    Game Position Tool helps you much! After importing needed images into the program, drag and drop them on the target area, you can see how the app looks like easily before coding. Not only can you get the property information of every image at once, but also generate the programming code by one click. With Game Position Tool, you can then easily make and modify the user interface of your app.

    • Graphical Interface (Of course, because we know its importance.)
    • Get Position, Anchor, Scale, Rotation, Alpha and Visibility information of images immediately
    • Generate code of properties of images with ONE click
    • You can import images you need
    • Image lock function
    • Support several image layers
    • 1:1 real ratio iPhone, iPad interface
    • Easy to use
    • Suitable to all iPhone and iPad app developers
    04-18-2011 11:21 PM