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    I am actually really looking into creating a Twitter client for the iPhone. Yes, I know there are a ton but I have tried so many and each of them have their own great features I want to create one that incorporates the majority of these features.

    I have absolutely NO programming or developing experience. I am just and Accounting student looking to do this in my spare time, which I know will take a while but I am ok with it. I am not doing it just for the money, I really like and can appreciate that iOS has came as far as it has and I just want to make a decent and cheap Twitter client everyone can appreciate.

    The only experience I have is basically teaching myself how to create websites when I was 12 and I also taught myself Photoshop and can create my own layouts icons etc.

    Let me just ask a couple questions.

    1. Is there a video or a good book on how to create a basic Twitter app?

    2. Would anyone be willing to give me 1 on 1 advice or tips when creating this app?

    3. What applications/software will I need for a Macbook to create this app?

    I am not fully committed to this project yet however, if I can get on the right track I am sure this will end up taking up most of my time.

    Any help or feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
    04-08-2011 11:46 PM