1. greenimation3d's Avatar
    hello everyone. Has anyone created an Iphone App yet? I am a new fish in a big pond and just doing research before i purchase the Apple development program. Is there any additional license requirements you will have to eventually have in order to publish an app on Itunes? Also has anyone seen a step by step guide on legal procedures or requirements you have to follow after you buy the developers program? I know I am a Noob so people please be nice in your response and thank you!
    03-28-2011 10:29 AM
  2. NickFalk's Avatar
    Yes, I've made quite a few apps. I'll try answering your questions:

    1. To test your code on a device, and not just the iPhone simulator and to publish your apps on the App Store you have to pay the annual fee of $99.

    2. It's been a while, but I can't recall any additional legal procedures. It was all pretty straightforward (unlike provisioning for ad hoc beta-builds, certificates and whatnot).

    3. You have to sort out any additional taxes etc. by yourself based on any legal requirements wherever you live.

    Good luck!
    03-28-2011 12:17 PM
  3. MiracleMan's Avatar
    Nick sum's it up fairly well. The free program lets you download Xcode, the API's and lets you build things for the simulator. When its time to go to the device or to the store, then you have to get the paid version. There are two of them $99 for a single person and like $349 or $399 for an organizational license. You do have to have documentation of your business, like tax ID's and such for the more expensive version.

    Once you're paid your fee, then you can go to iTunes Connect and setup all your banking and tax information, creating an apps store identity and such for deployment there. You also get to go to the developer portal to create your certificates you need, give your app an ID, setup provisioning profiles and all the mechanical pieces needed to physically get your app on a phone.

    Everything is done through websites except for one thing: To use the "Available in the App Store" logo, you actually have to sign a physical contract and mail it back... Go figure.
    05-23-2011 03:48 PM