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    I REALLY want to test waters in the app business....
    I know there are so many apps in the market right now, but A FEW things are giving me the motivation to go the app route of making $$$:

    >> More and more people are buying smart phones, most of which use apps, talk about Android and apple's iOS in particular.
    >> The iPhone App Store itself is a 2 Billion industry, which is a big enough pie even if there are a million developers greedily targeting it. The Android App store is yet to explode, considering the aggression Google is pushing it with.
    >> There was a recent report that stated that "Smartphone App market will explode to $38 billion dollar industry by 2015". Damn, if the analysis is true, I'd be damned if I don't contribute and introduce me own apps.
    >>AT$T just acquired T-mobile. Please don't start yapping how ATT is going to ruin T-mobile. Take that to other sissy forums. If you are money-oriented, then you guessed it right, that means you'll be seeing iPhone 5 available for T-mobile users. Yep, 34 Million more people who can get the iphone. More iphone owners = More chickens to whom you I can sell my app to.

    I share the above because I care about the forum. This is a selfless forum that has done more for me than any other. What I am requesting is:

    >>Are you in the app industry making apps currently, then what do you say about the above hypothesis?
    >>How is the going for you in the app industry?
    >>What are the resources that you are using at the moment for your app development?
    >>Any challenges? If yes, how are you solving them?
    03-23-2011 06:23 PM

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