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    Ok so as a dev I go and look at sharing in iOS. iOS has some fantastic API's that really let you have at it with the hardware. It doesn't seem so much that Apple lets you at the software though.

    Prime example, in Android when you set things up like your Facebook and Twitter, usually you're going to do it through the official apps. However, those apps are actually sending you to your accounts section of your preferences and you configure an "account" than the facebook app will look to. Same goes for Twitter.

    The nice side of this is that for app developers who want Facebook sharing functionality really don't code any Facebook support into their app. They simply defer to the accounts api's and then add "sharing" to their app. When an end user wants to "share" something they hit menu and tap share, which will populate a list of services that people registered under their accounts settings if those types of accounts support sharing. It's great because it goes for email accounts too.

    I'm looking at iOS and it's not modular like that. Every app that wants facebook sharing has to ask the user to visit the facebook website and login, seperately for each app a user tries to "share" with.

    I'm hoping they revamp some of this as part of iOS 5 (like a perk to go along with the notifications system). Apple is extremely good at modular API's that let apps talk to other apps. In OSX I don't know how many times I've had a third party app that can access iPhoto, iTunes, and iMovie libraries. They usually work great too.

    Unless someone knows a better way. I know that Blizzard has figured out how to make their Mobile Armory app play with the authenticator app, maybe facebook is working on this already for devs??

    Just some musings.
    03-20-2011 05:15 PM