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    The company I work for has a web application product that renders most of its content using a Flash plug-in in a web browser.

    We are trying to make it compatible with the iPad. One of the avenues of investigation is to use a flash-enabled remote browser and stream the contents of it to an iPad app.

    We envisage this would work in a similar way to the existing Puffin app (see Puffin app in app store) except all the software would be installed on a client's system.

    I've got a rough idea on how it would work, but if anyone has any suggestions I would be most grateful:

    - An application installed on a Windows Server (written in .NET C#) that runs the web browser sessions
    - This would communicate with multiple iPads sending them screenshots and receiving feedback from the iPad user.
    - Maybe use VNC or RDP technologies.

    Best regards,
    John Parker
    03-01-2011 11:17 AM

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