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    Need: Team leaders, 3D game dev, Objective-C, Cocoa, Xcode, UI Designers, 3D Illustr/Animtr, Web, Sound, DataBase, Writers, Character development people for a Cooperative Startup. Multiple teams needed to create the most unique mobile apps out there.

    Our objective is to have the highest skilled people in the cooperative. However we are not discouraging people who need some help to be the best. Depending on the complexity of the project we want to optimize the usage of our talent, so different skill levels will be needed.

    Please visit our website: whatareyourideas dot com. This is where you can find the Objective-C person, UI designer or the 3D person you need to finish up your project. If you become a member (free) you will insure that your future has a future, that the work you are doing will directly benefit you.

    Give us your experiences with Scrum, Web conferencing tools or any other aspects of your work that can help us form the workflow of the (make that your) cooperative.

    Currently this is for New York Tri-State area residents only! Coop will be NYC based. With tools like WebEx I believe in the future we can open this up to all locations, but until we work out the bugs we want to keep a tight group in New York.
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