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    Hi Guys,
    If you are Mobile App Developer, Here is a chance to showcase your App in front of 1000+ live audience only at Mobile Developer Summit 2010 which is going to take place on 10 November in Bangalore. The organizer, Saltmarch Media has announced the App Pitch contest in support of new ideas emanating from the Indian mobile developer ecosystem. App Pitch offers you a chance at glory, fame and the potential to meet the people that can take your app to the next level.

    Post a one paragraph pitch for your app, and the link to your app’s web site and your Twitter page. The app must be live in a mobile app store and be available for download. Submit your pitch here: mobiledevelopersummit.com/contest.html
    09-20-2010 05:07 AM
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    Sounds interesting, I'll submit my app on the site - thanks!
    09-22-2010 04:23 PM
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    are students allowed?

    I am a 15 year old app developer residing in Noida , UP.
    i AM in 10th.(cbse)

    I love apple and the ios . so i had an idea of developing my own app.

    Here is info about the app:

    It reached no 1 position in Indian app store lifestyle category in 7days of its release. ( as of today) (it released 7 days back)

    "You travel in delhi metro?"
    Then this is the app for you!

    It has all the required info about the traveling in the delhi metro.

    Contains route maps ,passenger timings ,fare chart ,parking rates and more

    Photos of the metro are also available within the app

    It also contains info like history of the delhi metro and about the metro.

    It also has the latest news associated to the metro.
    An innovative news tab to pass your time while traveling in the metro.

    You can share content on facebook , twitter and through email.

    Send your feedback from the app.
    link: DelhiMetro for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    i hope you like the app .

    p.s : i also have another app ( iForest for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store )
    i developed that for my resident society)
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