1. stratovarius76's Avatar
    Hi, i've a question about UIImagePickerController class reference, in photo-camera mode.

    I'm developing an OpenGl game. I should add to game photo-camera features: game should open a window (say for example 200x200 pixels, in the middle of screen), that display in real time a preview of photo-camera IN FRONT OF GL VIEWPORT. So photo-camera preview must be in a window of 200x200 in front of our Gl viewport that display game.

    I've some questions:
    - main problem is that i've difficult to open UIImagePickerController window in front of our Gl viewport (normally UIImagePickerController window covers all iPhone screen);

    - which is the better way to capture an image buffer periodically to perform some operations, like face detection (we have library to perform this on a bitmap image) ?

    - iPhone can reject such approach? It's possible to have this approach with camera (camera preview window that partially overlap an openGl viewport) ?

    - at the end, it's possible to avoid visualization of camera shutter? I'd like to initialize camera without opening sound and shutter visualization.

    screenshot image link: w ww.powerwolf.it/temp/UIImagePickerController.jpg
    09-13-2010 05:24 AM
  2. Luis Carli's Avatar
    look for the video capture API on the iOS 4
    02-14-2011 03:20 PM