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    We are looking for help with iPhone/iPad apps development.
    Ideally, we need full-time experienced iPhone/iPad developer (1+ year experience, 10+ commercial apps) in Chicago area. But can consider other opportunities (part-time, subcontractor, freelancer, outsourcing, etc).

    Example of one of the apps we are working on right now and need some more help is: the app (client) connects to the remote SQL server (3G or WiFi) and runs queries on GB's of data displaying summary on the iPad for 50+ users simultaneously (different account types with pre-programmed settings and queries).

    Good programming experience, SQL server, mobile GPS data experience is a big plus.

    If interested, send me an email to igor at bayser.com
    Or give me a call at: (847) 679-8278.

    Thank you.


    PS For the full time positions we also provide H1B or Permanent Residence application support.

    About the company:

    Bayser is a Chicago-based management consulting firm that specializes in sales and marketing analytics for pharmaceutical, medical devices, and diagnostics manufacturers. Bayser uses techniques from Artificial Intelligence, Operations Research, Statistics, Physics, Mathematics, Economics, Finance, and Marketing to analyze clients' needs, build models, and develop recommendations. Bayser is bilingual in the sense that their consultants are fluent both in the technical and business areas. The ability to bridge the gap between those two worlds is actually one of Bayser's core assets. Bayser pursues two inter-related goals. First, offer impeccable service. Second, build a sales and marketing optimization science that helps better serve clients. Bayser counts top pharmaceutical companies as clients and enjoys excellent reputation. In addition, Bayser publishes extensively in leading trade magazines.
    05-13-2010 05:39 PM