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    Company: Emspire eSports
    Brief Description:
    As the name suggests the focus of our products is on the emerging eSports gaming scene. Currently we are producing a range of gaming applications used for practising and improving specific skills used in eSports competitions on titles such as Counterstrike and Warcraft. These training devices will be marketed to amateur and professional eSports enthusiasts alike.

    Our primary production platform is the iPhone. We will also be looking to expand these applications to other mobile gaming devices and platforms such as Windows 7 Mobile, iPad and Android.
    The current intention is to develop the applications in Flash using Action Script 3, and use the Adobe CS5 iPhone Packager to convert them to native iPhone applications, in order to make the applications easily portable to other platforms. I am not a programmer and I am happy to discuss this and other options with programmers that come on board for the project.

    The Team:
    Riley James(me): Project Lead / Producer.
    University student studying a bachelor of Business: Entrepreneurship.
    Currently in my final year. (3rd year)
    2 years experience in the eSports gaming industry
    Gaming industry trade show experience
    Gaming history: Quake 1/2/3/4, Action Quake 2, Counterstrike 1.6/Source, Call of Duty 3/4/5/6. Many titles were played at a semi-professional level.
    I have experience on both the Xbox-360 and PC platforms.
    In my role I will handle the following areas:
    Sales and Marketing
    Team and resources coordination
    Community development and monitoring
    Product design
    Idea generation
    Company vision and direction

    My experience in the eSports gaming industry was generated from my work founding and launching an online Xbox-360 gaming league in association with Cybergamer.com.au. In the role as head administrator I took the Xbox-360 division of Cybergamer.com.au from 0 14,000 members and over saw the necessary growth in staff from myself to over 80 staff members. The most significant experiences I gained through my 2 years at Cybergamer were:
    Development and monitoring of a growing gaming community
    Development of competitive rulesets for a range of games. Development of rulesets required extensive testing (similar to QA testing) and response to community feedback.
    Hiring, coordination and management of a large team of volunteer staff members.
    Business to Business communications through obtaining sponsorships , creating marketing opportunities and building partnerships. Most notably with Microsofts Xbox-360 division.
    Coordination of marketing and advertising resources.
    Experience in successfully running and managing a trade show exhibition (eGames Melbourne)

    My aspirations on completing University are to work in the gaming industry as a game producer. As such I am looking to develop my skills and gain some relevant experience working within a development team.

    iPhone and/or Flash AS3 Programmer:
    Currently looking for native iPhone developers or Flash Action Script 3 developers looking to develop applications using the CS5 iPhone Packager.
    Previous application/game development from design to production preferred.
    Avenue for creative and design input into projects.
    Experience in eSports or with eSports titles is preferred.
    Position will be paid on a contractual basis or a revenue sharing arrangement. The arrangement is flexible and we can come to an agreement on a combination if necessary.

    2D/3D Artist: (Primarily 2D work)
    Development of application user interfaces.
    Development of 2D art assets
    o Landscapes and character models
    Animation of 2D art assets.
    Development and animation of 3D art assets
    Extensive creative license will be extended to the artist. You will be invited to develop your own artistic ideas and take many of the projects in your own artistic direction.
    Position will be paid on a contractual basis or a revenue sharing arrangement. The arrangement is flexible and we can come to an agreement on a combination if necessary.

    We currently have our first application ready to begin production. A design document for our first project will be available on application. These positions are most likely to be on going for a number of other projects that are in the pipeline.

    If you are interested in either of these positions please contact myself.
    Please submit a resume, details on relevant experience and a portfolio of previous work.
    Thank you,

    Riley James

    Skype: riley.james.aus
    Email: Riley123(at)gmail(dot)com
    MSN: Riley123(at)gmail(dot)com
    03-20-2010 12:08 AM
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    While this looks legit, if you're a serious business a hypothetical "I" would want to work for why do you use gmail?
    03-20-2010 11:49 PM