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    Ratrod Studio Inc. is an entertainment software company that specializes in developing and publishing interactive web content and games for a complete range of platforms including mobile devices, PC and console systems. We develop games in todays most popular genre including sports, racing, role-playing, action, casual and family entertainment.

    Our team includes industry veterans responsible for some of the most successful games ever created. We have a large team of specialists from top game developers, to experienced 3D artists, audio producers and concept artists. We use a combination of proprietary tools and innovative techniques to boost productivity and product quality. Ratrod Studio Inc. always stays ahead of the latest technology and industry standards.

    We currently have a few licensed titles in development including Mike V: Do or Die which was developed for Mike Vallely skateboard legend and lead singer of Revolution Mother. Mike Vallelys latest involvement includes his participation in the Tony Hawk Ride video game published by Activision. The game will be featuring full 3D graphics with over 40 tricks to execute by using a cutting edge trick system. The users will be able to ride in 7 unique environments, including a special driving mode with a massive open city to explore.
    Mike V: Do or Die is now available worldwide for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The game is rated 4+ (for everyone) and can be purchased now on the Apple App Store. This big budget production is by far one of the biggest titles to hit the iPhone. More details can be seen on the official website: mikevdoordie(dot)com

    We really focus on quality and attention to details for all our projects. Mike V: Do or Die was nominated for Excellence in Design at the IMGA awards last month.

    The game is currently featured by Apple on the App Store under (New and Noteworthy). It has been covered by FUELTV and G4TV as well.

    Our services includes: (RatRod Studio - Not your Ordinary Junk!)
    Online Games & Interactive Branding Solutions
    Mobile & Handheld Gaming Development and Publishing
    Content Production (2D/3D) & Consulting
    Video Game Marketing and Promotional Services
    We are also currently looking for game programmers for current and upcoming projects. You can visit our company website at: ratrodstudio(dot)com

    If you have any questions or inquiries please contact us at:

    RatRod Studio - Not your Ordinary Junk
    03-10-2010 10:14 AM