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    Hi there! We are a group of iPhone / Android developers who have developed a suite of web services to assist us and other developers in building great apps.

    After numerous projects we have become tired of having to set up the server scripts to do all the same things for different clients. Most of the server functionality is typical: 1) storing location data for Google Maps; 2) storing users' high scores / ranks; 3) sending Push Notifications; 4) storing files / XML; etc.

    We couldn't use the existent solutions because in some cases they didn't provide the required functionality and in most cases they require your users to be exposed to some social network of theirs, while our clients just want a simple functionality without users knowing of any services behind that.

    So we have launched what we call Mob1serv, a universal server solution for the typical needs of iPhone / Android apps. It consists of modules which deal with most common tasks:

    • High Scores - a powerful online high scores table
    • PushNote - a module allowing to send immediate or delayed Push Notifications (you can build instant messengers or alarm clocks, anything with this)
    • GeoPos - stores locations of Google Map objects, their statuses and 'last seen online' time
    • OAuth contracter - allows you to implement transparent authentication and integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google etc
    • More modules to come!

    We have tried to make it as simple as possible for developers, so you just need to register at the back end and then you can add as many apps as you want and start using these services. From the client (app) side, you need to add a library to your project and put a corresponding ID there, that's it.

    The service is free, it's a 'freemium' model. It has been built by developers for developers. Some developers and apps are already using it as it was open for alpha testing before, but now we are launching it open for the world so that we can see what you're thinking of it and also get your feedback of how we can improve the existent modules or what modules to add next. Welcome to Mob1serv!
    02-25-2010 06:17 PM