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    Hey there, I wanted to introduce you to TheyMakeApps, the definitive online directory of iPhone Application Makers.

    We would love to see you listed!

    Like most interactive agencies, we are bombarded with requests for iPhone applications, and quite frankly, we weren't always sure which developers would be the best fit. Enter TheyMakeApps: the definitive online directory of iPhone Application Makers, where any developer can quickly and easily get themselves listed, and anyone in need of their services can effortlessly find them. The ideas seems to be taking hold already...

    "We get a lot of inquiries from companies that would like us to make apps for them. Unfortunately we don't do much work for hire these days as we're busy making our own original games, so it's great that we can now point people to TheyMakeApps if we don't have the bandwidth ourselves." - Alexandra Peters, Community Manager, Firemint (Flight Control, Real Racing)

    But TheyMakeApps isn't just for agencies and developers. SPIN magazine used TheyMakeApps to find the perfect developer for their latest project. "They Make Apps was a huge help with SPIN's latest development project. Rather then reach out to all our contacts for developer references, it was a quick way to find locally based developers and see exactly what they specialize in. I'm sure we'll be using it again soon!" - Nick Pandolfi / Digital Edition Manager / SPIN Media LLC

    Part of the TheyMakeApps vision is to help level the mobile development playing field. It's in everyone's interest to spread the love, and facilitate the maturation of emerging mobile platforms such as Blackberry, Android, and Palm. We hope TheyMakeApps helps leverage Apple's success by illustrating how many great Apps and App Developers there are out there, enticing brands to explore this enormous untapped market. Oh, and let's not forget that other little Apple product that's hitting shelves soon...

    02-02-2010 04:41 PM
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    just got my account approved on the forum

    hope to stay long here
    02-03-2010 12:43 AM