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    Hi guys,

    Apologies if i am posting in the wrong forum.

    I'm looking for a programmer to help me complete a project for the i-phone.

    First a little bit about me, I'm currently employed as an assistant lead designer at a large computer game developer, prior to this i worked as a lead QA technician for some of the largest games publishers around. Prior to this i was designing mods and levels for various game engines including Unreal's engine and the Source engine. I have a long history in the game industry and have decided it is time to branch out to work on projects that will generate revenue.

    I'm accomplished with various programs including but not limited to 3d studio max, photoshop and am currently working on a remake of a very famous game (at my workplace).

    The i-phone project has some basic assets (just for testing purposes) and also has an in depth design document that covers how to implement all the features and mechanics.

    We would be using the Unity engine to produce the game, working on the pc and then exporting over to the i-phone version for balancing. With regards to payment we would work as a team and split the revenue generated from the titles release, hopefully leading to other successful projects.

    I'm looking for a programmer who ideally has previous games programming experience, although this is not necessary and is dedicated enough to work on a project until completion.

    If you're interested please drop me a line, it would be great to discuss this.

    12-27-2009 02:18 PM
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    Hello guys,
    Wondering whats up?

    Nothing to say right now
    12-29-2009 08:01 AM
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    Good point, anyone interested then?
    12-29-2009 08:40 AM