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    Hi All,

    I've got a really annoying problem. Basically I have had an app built on another mac. Had the files transferred over and installed on my mac.

    I have installed distribution profiles etc and can build as debug on device and simuylator no worries.

    But building as Distribution or release the build fails as it says it can't find a whole bunch of files in the project folder username/documents/app/...

    But I can assure you that the folder and all files are there. I'm sure it's something simple.

    Would greatly appreciate any advice.

    Thank you
    10-06-2009 08:11 PM
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    surely someones has had this problem?

    If anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciate it
    10-08-2009 08:43 AM
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    For others who might have the same issue

    I got it going by fixing app build info specifically:
    to place Code Signing Resource Rules Path in $(SDKROOT)/ResourceRules.plist

    Other Linker Flags : -ObjC -ljson
    and Header Search Paths : lame_398_2 /usr/include/libxml2

    10-08-2009 09:57 AM