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    I am a "newbie" in this iPhone Application Development World ! And also to the Apple MacWorld & Cocoa framework ! I did some foundation class development in Objective-C back in old 1990-92 days ... in DOS / Windows 3.0!!

    As I read through different forums in the Internet, I know that it is
    possible to transfer the same Developer Certificate and the Private Key in
    multiple development machines. But I am very sorry to say that I am NOT
    successful so far :-(...

    Following are the points that I did / observed:
    A. Initially I have setup my iPhone Developer Certificate in my Mac Book Pro
    from the iPhone Developer Center Program Portal tips. But now I want to use
    it in a new iMac desktop also in parallel.

    B. So I followed the steps as outlined in the iPhone Developer Center
    Program Portal:

    Sign in with your Apple ID - Apple Developer Connection

    Unfortunately this did NOT work !

    C. I also tried to export my public key as well as private key and then tried to
    import both (the private key was imported OK, but the Public Key was not imported) it in the new iMac.

    Also, it seems that XCode could not recognize it.
    Say, in my first MacBook Pro, the build property sheet of a iPhone Project
    Code Signing -> CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY = iPhone Developer (currently matches
    'iPhone Developer: Fokhruz Zaman (D54LKEA65Z)' in
    'dev_prov_1_ipod_touch_1_fz) ....

    Unfortunately .. the above value is not shown in the Xcode in my iMac
    machine .. although I copied / installed the certificates properly (?) / as
    instructed .... :-(... The XCode Organizer shows my iPod Touch 2.2.1 device
    as OK when connected even in my iMac ...

    I guess since the Code Signing parameters with the Digital Certificates did
    not quite match like my MacBook Pro, so my iMac machine shows code signing error while building the iPhone app for the device .... I changed the App Bundle Identifier in the .plist file as
    com.ipaholics.teasers.${PRODUCT_NAME:rfc1034identi fier} .. as needed for the App Bundle and the Device Provisioning Profile. But same code signing
    error... :-(...

    D. I would like to know how I can move Apple Developer Certificate to that
    new iMac desktop or what is the proper way that I can use it in both machine
    for a single user Developer Certificate?

    Thank You so much for your HELP and Patient reading so far !
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    Sorry ... I could not get your answer ... / reply ...
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    Sorry ... I could not get your answer ... / reply ...
    It was spam...
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    Installing certificate.p12 is the only solution to make development on more than one machine and then droping all the provisioning profile to the xcode.
    10-29-2009 08:12 AM
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    i have the same problem...
    10-31-2009 02:21 AM
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    bump, been getting the same problem mas well
    02-08-2010 09:53 PM