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    Hey guys hope this is the correct spot to ask, i wasn't sure if i should be here or in the JB forum.

    1 where can i find a set of the basic iphone app icons without any effect on them (IE the gloss look). i am trying to develop my own set of icons and would like to use the original images for these (i know that sounds contradictory but it makes sense in the end )

    2 secondly where would i find the same but for the most commonly used cydia apps? i assume this won't be as easy as my first question but i was hoping someone had put a collection together

    3 my last question is a little tricky to explain so bear with me I'm developing a winterboard icon theme that converts the icon of every app to a certain style, much like "alit" (in fact that is where i got the code). I've got it working fine except i have noticed quite a few apps seem to be able to override the overlay component of this, is there somewhere i can change a setting to stop apps doing this? hope that makes sense
    09-20-2009 07:59 PM
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    09-24-2009 04:51 PM