1. Whendo11's Avatar
    Now before u decide to make the game or not, I don't expect any revenue, but I do want beta testing. You can have all the revenue. Here is the game:

    It is very much like pocket god, but with a different concept. You are a god/owner/master of these puffballs with eyes on a platform. There is a + food button, a + puffball button, + ball button and a instructions button. You can drag around the puffballs and poke them, swipe away the platform and make them fall, bring them back a lift small balls of different colors and sizes at them knocking them arround, give them food and make them purr and everything. I would like to add to this idea with different updates regularly. Any one interested? I don't design or develop games or anything and I don't really want money, just beta testing. You can take the fame but mention me in the credits as original idea, idk. Honorable mention or w/e. Thanks
    09-10-2009 09:59 PM