1. dj_siek's Avatar
    Hey All,

    I've already deveped my logo for my app and although the app isn't finished I have just noticed the Genius Logo is an atomic image.

    My logo has an atomic logo in it (different colours and shape to the genius one) within another object.

    Am I right in thinking they would be picky?

    Cheers and thanks
    09-03-2009 12:28 AM
  2. lionheartednyhc's Avatar
    No one has any idea. Let me sum up the responses you will get.

    45% yes.
    45% no.
    10% digs at apple's review policy with no real oppinion.

    My answer? Maybe yes, maybe no. Or maybe they will deny it because you used the letter A in your title, which is the same letter that Apple starts with and therefore a violation of one of their rules.
    09-04-2009 02:55 AM
  3. dj_siek's Avatar
    Cool thanks

    So in other words. submit it and see.

    09-04-2009 03:04 AM
  4. dj_siek's Avatar
    Hey again all,

    If Apple do infact reject your app.

    How does it work i.e if its a simple thing of them not liking the logo. Do you have to resubmit the whole thing and start the whole process again? I'm thinking you would...

    09-05-2009 11:34 PM