1. TheFalconer's Avatar
    I'm heading up a team of developers for a game called The Mobile Pokdex and we need to bring a talented Objective-C coder onto the team. I am familiar with Objective-C (enough to produce a simple demo of the game in development), but not anywhere near the skill level to tackle this project alone.

    To briefly describe the game, it is an MMO that one plays by walking around with the application open. The server controlling the game then gathers a wealth of information regarding the players location, and spawns Pokmon to capture based on those conditions. Pokmarts and Pokcenters are placed at real-world locations based off of Yelp listings and Gyms are player created.

    Finally, I completely understand that Pokmon is trademarked. However, non-profit fan games are still allowed to be made. If this ever becomes an issue, there are plenty of talented spriters who can remove any trace of this game being Pokmon related.

    Please, PM me or post if interested!
    07-31-2009 09:24 PM
  2. djjosh16511's Avatar
    I think that's a great game idea!!! Best App EVER!!! I totally can and will help in any way I can, I'm not the best with coding, but would love to help work with the game in any way possible!
    08-09-2009 12:07 PM
  3. TheFalconer's Avatar
    As far as work outside of coding, I can't say that there's too much to be done. When you say you're not the best with coding, do you mean that you don't know Objective-C, or that you're just not very handy with it? Also, do you know Java? If you know Java, we could use some help on the server, and as far as the client goes, it's not algorithm construction, really just interface design. Simple stuff, just implementing the protocol, really. Past that, if you don't know Objective-C or Java, feel free to send me any ideas you have for the game. It's still under development, so new ideas can always be used!
    08-09-2009 02:03 PM