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    Hi folks!

    This is my first blog on the iPhone forum. A thought has been pounding on my mind quite for some time now and when I gave it a quiet hearing I came up with an absolute idea, could be just another application on the iPhone.

    I, probably many of us would, feel a need of someone guiding us while we are on the go (driving), put music of our choice and tell us when a good food joint of our choice approaches (well I have already asked my iPal that I am feeling hungry and look out for a good place like a MacDonalds in about next 10-15 mins).

    If I dont' know where exactly I am while on the long drive, I ask iPal and she would say, well you are here at xyz, located between this and this place (city), and some of the places of interest near that area could be ....

    Then I say let me drive to the nearest coffee shop and it gives me some options and I choose one. Basically, almost all GPS today provide this facility, but what I propose is a voice interactive and more intelligent system, which can do more than just a GPS; something like your friend sitting by the side of you and being a good company.

    And yes, not the least, it would warn you if you are overshooting the speed limit too much or if there is a cop (radar) around
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