1. xSchnarr's Avatar
    I am extremely new to the iPhone SDK and everything about it, so a step by step guide would be extremely appreciated. I have a Utility app, where it has the mainView and the flipsideView. I have 9 UIButtons on the flipside view, and I want to be able to, when each individual button is pressed, have the background color of the the mainView change. For example, on the flipsideView, the user presses the button labeled 'Red' and when the user presses the Done button, the mainView background color will now be red.

    How would I go about making this happen. Please be very concise about everything I would need to do, because as mentioned above, I am very new to the iPhone OS, and have trouble understanding most of the functions.

    Thank you for any help provided.
    07-02-2009 08:29 PM