1. Bret P's Avatar

    I have the desire to help develop an iPhone App. I am looking to create a sweet and simple trivia like application. With this application, I would be able to provide ALL of the questions and answer choices. I will not title my app, or reveal anymore of what it's about, but there is no other app like it in the App Store.

    My app would be:
    -A trivia app (theme is classified)
    -200 or more questions
    -4 answer choices
    -A template that is slick, and somewhat goes with the theme

    I would like to pay most of the work percentage base, but I am open to paying an initial fee.

    Please send me a private message or email me if you're interested. In the email, please include how many hours you expect it to take, and a ballpark estimate of how much it could cost. Also, if you have any credentials, please put them in there (or any apps that you have developed).

    06-01-2009 08:58 PM