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    Note the announcement:

    Hi All -

    Now that the 3.0 Beta is out, there is a lot of excitement surrounding it. A few notes:

    The only way to legitimately get the Beta is to sign up for the developer program, pay your $99, and then download. Posts that link to torrent or warez sites that offer illegal downloads will be deleted and user who post those links face the risk of being banned.

    Secondly, during the beta activation process the software will require users to activate with some developer-type credentials. Posts asking for a developer to help them start up their 3.0 beta are also not cool and will be removed.

    Basically -- if you're a developer or have signed up as a developer, feel free to chat up 3.0 and ask questions. Otherwise, we can't allow the TiPb forums to become a place that encourages warez-style downloads of the 3.0 Beta.
    03-19-2009 12:59 PM
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    If you're stuck and in a pickle because of the above issue, see this thread for more info:


    Of course, we don't read your PMs, so if you have a direct relationship or conversation with a developer, what we don't know...
    03-19-2009 01:06 PM