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    Hi Everyone, I am looking to create the next big App for the iPhone. A social networking site/app which allows iPhone users to talk instantly.

    If you have ever used a Blackberry you will know about PIN Messaging, this is a free service (if you have unlimited data) which allows Instant Messaging between blackberries. I want to do the same for the iPhone, but with a difference. Users will not only be able to talk to their friends, but easily meet new ones. This expands on the blackberry experience whereby users had to post of 3rd party websites to randomly swap PINS.

    I am currently looking for the following positions to be filled:

    Assistant Graphic Designer / Artist
    iPhone App Developer
    Web Developer

    These people will be key to starting the project and so will receive 15% of all future revenue from advertisements or possible app add-on sales.

    I am not looking to run this project as a dictatorship, I simply miss the function from my Blackberry and wish to bring the delight to the iPhone with a few likeminded people.

    Please PM me with any requests / ideas.

    03-04-2009 12:57 PM