1. metllicamilitia's Avatar
    This is a fun questions for gamers. It doesn't even have to be the OEM controller, it can be a third party controller, and from any console. My favorite controller is the PS2 controller.
    05-10-2017 10:05 AM
  2. cwbcpa's Avatar
    Currently my favorite controller is the XBox One Controller, but if I had to pick one of all time it would probably be the PS2. The only reason being that I had that controller in my hands way more than any other controller. I actually had time to play back then. lol.
    05-10-2017 10:34 AM
  3. Carjackd's Avatar
    I don't know if I really have a favorite. I can pretty much adapt to anything in a couple of days. That's what I tell my wife anyway.
    05-10-2017 10:47 AM
  4. Matty's Avatar
    Looking back now, I used to love the PS2 controller! Played so many hours with them and they just felt so great in the hand. Because it was so nice and light I never really got tired.

    Unfortunately as with most things, it was dethroned when the PS4 controller launched with all its fancy lights. 😃

    What's your favorite controller?-1494434824108.jpg
    05-10-2017 11:48 AM
  5. jr866gooner's Avatar
    Hmm N64 or PS1/2. Xbox do a good job on the 360 albeit a little chunky!
    07-21-2017 02:30 PM
  6. Jackson_Clark's Avatar
    PS4 controller is the best and its also my favorite.
    11-30-2017 02:59 AM
  7. TripleOne's Avatar
    Hands down the DualShock 4 controller for the PS4.
    04-13-2018 11:50 PM

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