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    Better Than Apple
    Apple is known for making solid cases for the iPhone. I mean they should considering it's a product made by them for one of their own products. While that makes perfect sense, what if you could get the same design, but made better? Enter Burkley. Now I reviewed a Burkley wallet case for the iPhone 7 Plus and I didn't want a full wallet case this time. At some point during 2017 Burkley updated their standard leather case and put aluminum buttons on it, just like Apple. Now, the Burkley Sturdy Snap On is nearly identical to the Apple leather case. The only differences being the Burkley doesn't have an Apple logo but rather a buffalo logo. While Apple's leather case has a tight cutout for the camera, Burkley gives your camera more space to prevent any light refraction issues from the flash, so the cutout is larger. Other than that though, the Burkley Sturdy Snap On is a full bodied leather case with aluminum buttons and an open bottom. The worst part about it is the super tight mute switch cutout. It can be difficult to toggle the mute switch. The interior of the case is also felt lined just like you would expect to find. One more difference between the Burkley and Apple cases is that the Burkley has a more textured leather. The leather really looks leathery, and on top of that, it's much softer than the leather Apple uses. And on top of that, the leather on the Burkley is a little thicker. This all just gives you a nice soft, solid leather case. Even the lip over the front of the phone is a little thicker and more protective. With the buttons being aluminum you'll have no issues using them. You're also not going to find the same number of colors for the leather, however, the colors are great choices. You will also find a waterproof variant of the case as well.

    The Good
    • Felt-lined interior
    • Aluminum buttons
    • Soft, thick leather

    The Bad
    • Not super protective
    • Open bottom (for those that mind)
    • Really tight mute switch cutout

    This isn't one of my longer reviews despite how much I love this Burkley case. It's absolutely fantastic. I will always recommend the Burkley Sturdy Snap On over the Apple leather case. I touched on all the important aspects of the aluminum buttons and better leather quality, other than that it's really a typical leather case. For $10 less than the Apple case, at $39, the Burkley really is a no-brainer for me. You don't have to deal with any of the slickness that always seems to be a part of new Apple cases, it's just much grippier and soft right out of the box. It's really hard not to love it immediately. Check them out for yourself right on Burkley's site here.
    02-19-2018 06:52 PM

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