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    RhinoShield PlayProof Paint Splatters iPhone 7 Plus Case Review

    Let me just start by saying RhinoShield is freaking awesome! They have an amazing selection of cases and if you’re the type of person who likes to have some personality or customization with your case selection then look no further than RhinoShield’s Custom PlayProof case collection! They have everything ranging from cool abstract animal designs to quirky art. Whatever style you’re looking for, RhinoShield no doubt has something for everyone.

    Just like the SolidSuit case that I reviewed, the PlayProof is an amazingly well-built case that feels super sturdy yet also very light at the same time. It’s such a pleasure to hold in the hand and use day-to-day. With some cases, I just want to rip them off only hours after putting them on but that’s not the case (ha) with the PlayProof. The only downside with the PlayProof compared to the SolidSuit is the cutout for the mute switch is slightly smaller so you are definitely going to need some nails to use it. Again the buttons click with a very satisfying tactile feel and luckily this time I didn’t have to test its sturdiness in a drop but I’m confident it’ll perform just like the SolidSuit.

    The PlayProof is another stellar case from RhinoShield (I mean I’m really impressed with these guys!) and with the custom options, you have a wide array of really cool cases to choose from to add to your collection.

    RhinoShield Paint Splattered Play Proof Case


    So many fun and cool designs to choose from
    Very reasonably priced at $29.99
    Provides excellent protection
    Very satisfying button clicks


    Maybe too many options, you’ll go broke wanting to collect them all
    You won’t be able to put your phone down it feels so good now

    Case Rating 9.5/10

    RhinoShield Plastic Screen Protector for iPhone 7 Plus Review

    Believe it or not, there’s something else that I hate more than cases and that would be screen protectors! The only time I used screen protectors for any length of time was when I had my iPhone 3G and Droid Bionic. Back then I didn't mind them so much but as time went on and with each subsequent phone I purchased I opted not to get screen protectors.

    The RhinoShield Screen Protector is super easy to install and compared to the tempered glass screen protector from them, doesn’t add too much thickness to your phone. The advantage the plastic screen protector has over the tempered glass is the home button is easier to get and doesn’t hamper TouchID. For anyone looking for a great screen protector that has layers of protection and is supposed to even be able to take an impact from a hammer, look no further.

    RhinoShield Screen Protector

    Easy to install
    Doesn’t add too much thickness to screen
    Provides good amount of protection to screen
    Home button easily accessible

    Takes away from clean look of a naked screen (applies to any screen protector)
    Not much of a price difference between this and the tempered glass protector

    Screen Protector Rating 9/10
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    RhinoShield PlayProof Custom Case iPhone 7 Plus Review-img_0804.jpg  
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